Latest Nokia x2 software update 08.25

Recently while browing i came across latest software update for nokia x2-00 is 08.25. I updated my phone successfully with this update.
Check for the version on your mobile. To do this dial *#0000# on your mobile, if your mobile version is 4.8 or 4.9 then you can download this update
The size of the update is close to 57MB. The update inlcudes a new ovi browser in addition to the Opera browser. For updating this you need a software called software updater(36MB) from nokia.
Connect the ovi suite to the computer, and then click on the software updater. It will prompt to download the software file. Download and install it.
And then double click on nokia software updater icon on your desktop, and click on the next. Download the update and then follow the instructions.
I updated this via PC, it is easier when compared with phone.

Do let me know if you know screen shots for this update, i will post them.


akshay said...

where can i get ovi suite software updater
reply to my email

Inivincible said...

You can find it here
Nokia software update

Anonymous said...

Where can i get a pc software updater for Linux?
pls reply..

Inivincible said...

you can find it in and in the search box, search for the software.
I didn't have access to internet for the past few days, so i was unable to answer you.

Unknown said...

The latest phone software for nokia x2-00 is 8.35.There is no changes and extra apps compare to 8.25.If we update to 8.35 the processing of photo becomes fast and performence improves.To my knowledge we should keep latest software update.

Inivincible said...

Thanks for the info mate. Now i will update my phone as well

Joy dev said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where I will find software updater for windows 8....

Inivincible said...

you can download it from here
Nokia Software updater for Windows 8


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