Uninor Manual gprs settings

First sms ALL to 58355, to get automatic settings. Else you can add the manual settings as shown below.

Here are the manual gprs settings for uninor.

Profile name: uninor
Homepage: (you can use your own home page)
Enable Proxy
Ip address:
Port: 8080
Linger time: 90
Don't enable DNS
Bearer: choose GPRS
Advanced settings:
APN: uninor
Login: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank

This is the general settings for everything, you need to adjust this according to your mobile. Soon i will post on how to connect Uninor to PC.
(update)I have posted it, Do check it out.
You can take a look at the new plans, which Uninor have launched.

Uninor has launched gprs now. We are having two plans.
Plan-1 :
usage is 60MB for 3 days.

Rs. 90.
Usage is 3GB for 30 days.
Beyond free usage the charges would be 10p/10kb.

Additional Information, uninor has announced free unlimited gprs browsing till May 6 2010 as a promotional offer. So make use of it.


aju said...

uninor is a better way for internet service its speed is uptp 15-20 kbps but this facility sucks in evening and night bcz i made hundreds og complains but they say that plz re-do ur ner gprs settings but it works perfectly in day


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